Honest Kitchen Brunch 

Looking for that well deserved weekend treat? 

We've got you covered. Our HK brunch boxes are designed to give you all the bits needed for a beautiful table spread of local produce and most importantly a delicious, rejuvenating brunch. In true Honest Kitchen fashion we wanted to ensure our brunch is nutritious by using fresh, vitamin-packed ingredients with a seasonal touch. 

Take a look at our menu and click the button below to place an order. 

Scandi brunch box

Here is what you'll get inside your brunch box :

- Scandi style cured salmon with a cranberry glaze 
- Rye bread 
- Cream cheese infused with orange and pink peppercorn
- Sliced cucumber 
- Mum's seasonal homemade granola 
- Thick greek yoghurt 
- Local loose leaf tea
- Autumnal fresh fruit mix 
- Apple and pear fruit puree 
- Wild Norfolk flowers for the finishing touches

Family, couple and single brunch boxes available. 

Only available for Saturday & Sunday delivery. 


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