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Brunch boxes

Looking for that well deserved weekend treat?

We've got you covered. Our HK brunch boxes are designed to give you all the bits needed for a beautiful table spread of local produce and most importantly a delicious, rejuvenating brunch.

In true Honest Kitchen fashion we wanted to ensure our brunch is nutritious by using fresh, vitamin-packed ingredients whilst still making it mouthwatering!


Scandi brunch box

Here is what you'll get inside your brunch box :

- Scandi style smoked and cured salmon 

- Rye bread 

- Beetroot ricotta

- Sliced cucumber 

- Mum's homemade granola with goji berry and coconut 

- Thick greek yoghurt 

- Locally produced Norfolk honey 

- Fresh fruit mix 

- Wild Norfolk flowers for the finishing touches

Only available for Saturday & Sunday delivery. 

Lazy Weekend brunch box

Here is what you'll get inside your brunch box:

- Blueberry breakfast muffins

- Mum's granola & greek yoghurt 

- Fruit compote 

- Locally ground coffee 

- Fresh fruit mix 

- Wild flowers posey 

Only available Saturday & Sunday delivery. 


Freshly pressed orange juice

Want that Vitamin C boost?

Our freshly pressed orange juice includes at least four whole oranges in each bottle. We don't like making more wastage in the world so we use imperfect fruit that isn't pretty enough to be sold in the supermarket but never fails to make deliciously refreshing juice. 

Add one onto your next brunch order! 

(330ml bottle)

Birthday extras

Want to make your brunch box super special? For just £1.50 we can add a personalised note and tag to your box. Just let us know who you are gifting in delivery instructions at the checkout.


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