Equinox Kombucha

Equinox brew and ferment their kombucha with a traditional method in order to have the least harmful impact on the environment, using organic ingredients to create a healthy and sustainable drink. 

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink packed full of health benefits as it has an abundance of probiotic bacteria. These probiotics are great for your gut and recent studies also show they help to strengthen your immune system. If that wasn't enough, kombucha also contains antioxidants that help toxins in the liver whilst reducing levels of cholesterol.

On top of all that it's just really damn tasty. Place your order now. 


Tell me what's your flavour...

peach and turmeric

Peach & Turmeric



Pink Grapefruit & Guava

Pink Grapefruit & Guava

Raspberry and Elderflower

Raspberry & Elderflower